Character designs, mood boards, layout, storyboarding, and more! This groundwork process can be positively terrifying, but our team is here to guide you through the entire concept phase. You’ll be in the loop throughout, and with your feedback, we’ll help lay a beautiful foundation for your project.


With extensive experience in a variety of styles we can provide expression sheets, and technical breakdowns of even the most complex characters. Our team’s proficiency in character designs means seeing a unique character in a shorter time frame. Plus, our artists understand that action and beauty shots are the icing on the cake to make your characters come alive.

Environment CONCEPTS

The worlds in your project are just as important to creating an engaging experience and setting a mood as characters. We’ll build the foundation of your world through environmental design, structural breakdowns, and moodboards, bringing all of that together into stunning landscape shots.


Objects and items design, functionality, and usability are key components to building up an immersive world. Our artists can populate your creations with important storytelling details developed and implemented through iterations of prop and weapon designs concepts, unique set piece reveals, and detailed modeling sheets.

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