3D art and development touch more aspects of production than most consumers know, and it can be fairly time-consuming to build! At Kwest our team of artists and developers are driven to create the best product efficiently, without sacrificing quality. Our development engineers push the boundaries of optimization to ensure silky smooth framerates and hiccup-free digital experiences.

Asset Creation

From low poly and mobile-friendly to high poly realistic renderings, we create the 3D models needed for every project. Our skilled artists are equipped to create anything you can imagine, combining experience in all forms of asset production, from high poly sculpts and texture painting to retopology.

Technical Art

“My immersion!” It’s the fine visual details that can truly immerse users in an experience. By leveraging strategic implementation of animations, shaders, and particle systems, our team provides an added touch of eye candy to any digital project.

Real-Time Implementation

Our production and development teams work in sync to bring highly optimized digital experiences to any platform without compromising visual or performance integrity. We have extensive experience crafting well-optimized 3D content for all platforms ranging from mobile AR to high-end desktop PC.

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